Thursday, February 20, 2014

Junk Van Case Presentation Reflection

After the thoughtful presentation provided to us by DJM2, I would have to recommend the Platform as a Service (PaaS). Before I explain my recommendation, it is important to make sure we understand the drivers of our decision to upgrade our current IT system. Our upgrade must have a number of features such as having automated email functionality, a central database, remote access, implementation in a short time period and not too costly. The PaaS system will only take 3 days to implement and is estimated to cost about $300-$600 every month. With this system, we can use common applications, as well as build our own specialized applications, all while using this shared computing platform. After the free trial, we all experienced the user-friendly interface, which is a plus for our not-so-techy employees. This option is something that is reliable, safe and comes with IT support if we ever have questions or comments, unlike Access or Google Docs. I think this system is the most effective, and will be the most flexible with growth. 

Although PaaS may be a little costly at this time, we have been saving money with being a virtual business. Investing in an intelligent information system, will in turn, increase revenues because we will be able to run daily activities more efficiently and effectively with a significant decrease in human error. Another pro, is that there is no contract to commit to, if there is a change of heart, we can cancel the service and search for another solution. I believe that we will get what we pay for, and investing in our business and ourselves will only increase revenues in the long run, even though a new system may seem costly right now. Above all, I feel that the PaaS system is something that will be able to adjust with our growth. The driving factor for this upgrade is our unhappy customers because we can no longer keep up with the growth, and this new system can help our business run more smoothly, which will result in less mistakes and happy customers.

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