Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Accenture Reflection

After ConsultCube's informative presentation on Tuesday evening, I think we can make a knowledgable decision as to what would be best for our IT infrastructure. Because we make our decisions are based on ROI and what works best for the company as a whole, the current system presents a clear ROI analysis and annual audit for three years. Accenture's current system has been tailored to our needs, as well as the needs of our clients and this advantage has increased efficiency and it is also vey user friendly. The current system also works efficiently and there are no additional costs. However, COBIT will cost over 310 million dollars to implement and we will potentially not see a return on investment for a few years. In addition, employees will have to be trained every three years which implies additional costs that we wouldn't otherwise incur if we stayed with the current system. Our current business model as well as our IT standards already work hand in hand very well and will continue to bring us a positive ROI. Therefore, I recommend that we stick with the current IT governance Accenture has in place. 

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