Thursday, February 6, 2014

Business Impacts of Blogs

Blogs have reportedly increased website visitors by 55%. The more visitors a particular website gets, the more possible revenue will be generated. In addition, there is an overwhelming amount of information that is transferred digitally and with just a few clicks on the internet, companies have the potential to reach many consumers across the globe without trying entirely too hard while spending next to nothing. Blogs are also the perfect median to connect to consumers on a more personal level. Many blogs are very casual and informal which can help reach a multitude of different customers.

Also, blogging is great way to regularly communicate with employees, as well. Employees can quickly be updated on company news, while participating in conversation via the comment box. Blogs also allow customers and employees feel as if they know the company, which is great for the morale and reputation of the company. This form of instant publishing can benefit a company in terms of keeping updated on what the competition is doing and how they use blogs to their advantage.

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