Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bombardier Reflection

After our consultants' presentation on Tuesday night, I have realized the importance of ERP and the benefits of for our implementation to our third roll-out. I do agree with their suggestions of informing our users of the importance of KPIs and using as well as discussing the benefits of KPIs' customization. Our users encountered many items that they considered "non value added" and felt that they couldn't measure their contribution to projects. Another issue we have encountered was the gap between the business knowledge of the support staff and what was really going on in the business environment. For our third implementation, we need support personnel before, during and after, as well as the support of upper management. In addition, there needs to be better communication amongst the project team. The scorecard evaluation by a third party is a great idea. This will provide us with an objective opinion and can help us evaluate what needs to be done to improve performance. Lastly, we need to invest more in training and change management. Many users complained of excess beginner pre-training and not enough advanced training post implementation as well as an insufficient amount of trainers. We must modify the training schedule and include more support after the new system has been implemented. Overall, I think the Calm Consulting had many good suggestions that we should take into consideration to ensure that our next implementation runs smoothly and hopefully we will have the plan bulletproof after this next implementation.

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