Monday, April 21, 2014

Business Impacts of Microsoft Project

After experiencing Microsoft Project, I have come to realize that it is truly a valuable tool which can analyze and plan resources, budgets, timelines and what-if scenarios. It can also easily measure progress and anticipate resources needed. Because of the many moving parts, managing projects can be a difficult task. Tracking all of these moving parts is essential and enables the project manager to complete projects on time, and within budget.

This program can positively impact businesses because of its' many abilities. It has two clear schedules, including the original and forecast schedule. The original schedule is a set of static deadlines and the forecast schedule is a way of identifying slippages relative to the original schedule. The dates are constantly recalculated and re-forecasts when information regarding progress is entered. This schedule helps make problems more visible so corrective action can be taken as early as possible.

As opposed to Excel, Microsoft Project can help businesses project staffing needs, funding and work load,  all while saving the project manager time that would otherwise be spent on scheduling, making progress more efficient. Project also allows the user to identify which tasks depend on the completion of others. Determining this relationship amongst tasks enables the user to better plan out when each task needs to be done before the next. Businesses can use this valuable tool with little to no training and it will prove apparent that its' simplicity and key features will pay off.

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